Traci McMerritt

Begin by “Making Peace With Your Time”

            Explore Vision, Intention and Anticipation – Living ‘As if it is’ to invite living fully.
Life offers you opportunities.  Did you make them happen or did you invite them into being?

  1. WHO:  Are you?
    Empowering your Reason for Being by following your Bliss : This is Unconditional Love For The Self 101! Do UTLC? #UTLC = Unconditional Tender Loving Care … for the self!
    Your natural state of being is Bliss.  What choices keep you from being who you are?
    Why leverage your energy up?  What’s in it for you? For us?
  1. WHAT:  Do you want to do?
    Learning how to “Lose the Wait.”  Begin living your reason for being, now.
    Stop being small, live life fully, share your gifts!
    Is Now enough? (Is all that you have?)
    Exploring permission to Live and practice for Bliss.
  1. WHY:  Shouldn’t you care for yourself?
    Attune to your energy inside as a new partnership for confidently taking the next step.
    Create new foundations for being centered.
    Invite your body and co-creativity as partners- “I Am” as empowerment.
    Explore feeling “I Am, state of being” sensations in body, compared to “I should” sensations.
  1. HOW: Can you use practical applications to live your bliss?
    Evoke the empowerment of choosing Blissful action to provoke Blissful feelings.
    Up-level your life in tangible ways.
    How do you leverage your energy up?
    Begin with Laughter, labyrinths, and other fun techniques!

Inspired by the angst she experienced of not living her life fully after the passing of her mother, author Traci Mc. Merritt created the “Laughing Labyrinth Timepeace(published by Balboa Press). In this book, readers will find a unique, daily vision compass calendar that focuses on expanding their capacity to feel divine bliss and make peace with their sacred time.

Time is recorded in the rise and fall of the sun; weekly calendar pages focus on appreciation, curiosity, imagination and creativity rather than on “to do” lists.

Tired of being pushed into meaningless action, Merritt wanted to create her life from inspiration. She found that her personal planners became empty pages of shame, routinely showing how she was not being disciplined enough. That was when she developed a calendar that allowed her to listen to what to do next, celebrate her gifts, hold moments of awe and beauty, connect nature through drawing and capture her vision and appreciations. She wanted a sacred place to be who she is and to become who she envisioned herself to be.

Many people are hungry for living with a sense of purpose, experiencing their time here on earth as meaningful. This book gives them just that – encouraging them to try the simple practices of laughter, labyrinth tracing, drawing, envisioning and writing appreciations, achievements and memories. Together, they offer profound reflection and insight about how to go forward in one’s life journey.

“Time is recorded in the rise and fall of the sun; weekly calendar pages focus on appreciation, curiosity, imagination and creativity rather than on “to do” lists,” Merritt says. She hopes that readers will be able to give themselves permission to feel bliss as their way of being.