You Are Worth It!

The ultimate lesson that we all must learn is about Unconditional Love. Not just for others, but for ourselves.

We want to offer women an opportunity to celebrate their worth by nurturing themselves with a fabulous & fun weekend to do something just for them; to honor their journey, and to spend some time learning about how they can uplevel their lives in tangible ways!

Take the knowledge with you when you return home; make a difference in your life right away!

This is a very special time on our planet for women to come together in peace and love; to create within each of us that foundation to be centered and whole! Now is the time to participate and take this opportunity in the history of the planet to share our unique gifts with the world!

The world needs you!

Our annual conference evolved from a heart-centered desire to offer a weekend for women to join together to share this harmony while holding space to learn and grow in new and beautiful directions with ease and grace!